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Not all properties or strategies are ‘as safe as houses’.

Some will create balanced long-term growth which leads to financial freedom.

Others have a high chance of delivering disappointment.

So, how do you tell them apart?

Lucky for you, we’ve spent years personally trying what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve found incredible success along the way and today we can share our experience with you – so you can get off to a flying start.

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How To Invest In Property

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Your Investment Journey

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Education & Assessment

We’ll get to know you, understand your problems and your financial goals.

We’ll educate you on pathways to make your vision a reality.

We’ll give you practical pointers on strategy, finance, risk management and property to make sure you’ve made a good call in your property investment decisions.

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Property Optimisation

We don’t just hand you any property and be done with it, we match you with a property that may help you reach your financial goals sooner rather than later.

But not just any property, it’s a property that will get you ahead financially.

We believe each property is a stepping stone to the next so we’ll be thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead.

B Invested

Help You Purchase It

Once you decide on your property, we will remain by your side to guide you towards settlement.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll be here to support you even after settlement date with our ongoing property concierge service.

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Hear From Other New Investors

Karl and Romina

“There’s no way we would have gotten 7 properties and a block of land in a year, doing it ourselves. We realised with the deposit we had, we could get a lot more properties with b Invested, rather than going on our own.”

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Roy and Rowena

“We wanted 6 properties in the first year, then 12 properties in the next 2 years and 20 properties in the next 5 years. So when we initially wrote that it seemed unbelievable and now it seems very ordinary and achievable.”

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We don’t take our responsibility lightly. In fact, we’re very serious about supporting our clients, every step of the way.

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