Why be prepared for what’s coming next – Y2K


NYE 1999. It was just like every other New Year’s Eve – except for that niggling feeling that the world might soon come to an end.


But as partygoers sang to that famous song penned by the Artist Formerly Known As, the drunken jubilation of the event continued with renewed vigour after it became clear that the Y2K bug hadn’t ended civilisation as we knew it.


Planes hadn’t fallen from the sky. Electricity was still surging through our power lines and cars were still on the road. We had water, we had food, we had everything we ever had.


The fear of collapse.

There was so much fear and uncertainty leading up to this event that many people had stocked up on survival tools to get them through another dark age.


Nathan recalls looking in a shop window some five years ago to see an electrical generator that had a “Y2K Compliant” sticker on it. Fear had become so ripe that even things that weren’t controlled by a computer chip were thrown into doubt.


How to prepare for disaster.

While some people went into hiding in the lead-up to Y2K, others just got on with it.


Then, there were those who took advantage of the situation to make things happen in their lives.


Is the GFD the Y2K of the current age?

According to Nathan, we are currently on the eve of a financial crisis.


While many people are frozen in fear, others are oblivious to the imminent economic volatility.


Then, there are those who are taking action to better their financial positions before shit hits the fan.


Those who understand how the monetary system works will be the ones who can take advantage of the GFD to come out on top.


The age of opportunities.

Nathan says the current market is full of opportunities to pick up assets for a low price.


He himself has never been more bullish in his investing as he is now. He plans to buy more than 25 properties throughout 2019, as well as develop many of his existing ones.


If he hadn’t of taken advantage of cheap properties during the GFC, he would have never had the gains he has today.


And, if people gave up on trying to get ahead financially in the lead up to Y2K, they would certainly be kicking themselves now.


I Want To Take Action Now!


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