Our Fearless Founder — Nathan Birch

He was told by everyone around him that his bold property investment strategy would fail, and he would lose everything.

But Nathan knew it would be a huge success. He was determined to “live life on his own terms”.

Find out how he became amongst one of the wealthiest property investors in Australia.

Nathan Birch

Unconventional? Maybe.
But he’s always bold, honest, and sincere.

If you walked past him in the street, you probably wouldn’t know you were walking past one of Australia’s wealthiest property investor.

In fact, he’s so down-to-earth he’ll probably be walking in a pair of thongs, wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans when you meet him, no matter who you are.

Nathan couldn’t retire from the rat race at age 24 due to a fancy degree, silver spoon or pure luck – it was all down to smart property investment strategies.

As the founder of b Invested, Nathan shares his time and experience to help drive property investors and those looking to start, grow, and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio.

A few Interesting facts about Nathan

  • 230+ properties in his property portfolio.
  • “Retired” at the age of 24.
  • A centimillionaire with over $100 million net worth.
  • He has directly helped 1,700 investors reach 6+ properties in their property portfolio.
  • He’s known for his “no bullshit” honesty, his popular YouTube videos and his ever-increasing reel of media appearances.

Nathan is our founder, but he doesn’t run b Invested alone…

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