Our Fearless Founders— Nathan Birch & Daniel Young

They were told their bold property investment strategy would fail and they would lose everything.

But they knew it would be a huge success. They were determined to live life on their own terms.

Find out how they became among the wealthiest young property investors in Australia.

Nathan Birch

Inappropriate and a little bit bogan? Maybe.
But he’s always bold, honest, and sincere.

If you walked past him in the street, you probably wouldn’t know  you were walking past one of Australia’s top young property investors.

In fact, he’s so down-to-earth he’ll probably be wearing his standard thongs when you meet him, no matter who you are.
Nathan wasn’t able to retire from the rat race at age 24 due to a fancy degree, silver spoon or pure luck – it was all down to smart property investment.

Currently, Nathan has over 200 properties, $30 million in property net worth, about $2 million a year per year in rental income (which leaves about $500K “fun money” per year). So, yeah he’s definitely living life on his own terms!
Today, as Director of Binvested.com.au, Nathan shares his time and experience to help driven investors start, grow, and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio.

A few Interesting facts about Nathan

  • $50 million property portfolio
  • 200+ properties in his portfolio
  • $30 million net worth
  • $2 million passive income per year ($500,000 per annum after expenses)
  • “Retired” at the age of 24
  • He’s known for his “no bullshit” honesty, his popular YouTube videos and his ever-increasing reel of media appearances.

Daniel Young

Focused, driven and always finding new opportunities. Daniel is an expert property strategist who’s always excited to share his knowledge gained from actively investing in property and building a sizeable portfolio over the last decade.

Passionate about living life on his own terms, Daniel researched and found property investing to be the fastest and arguably the safest way to financial freedom. So he inhaled every bit of information he could get from books, seminars and forums.
To his surprise, he found that nobody shared his highly ambitious goals. Despite his young age, he wanted to join the top 1% of Australian property investors quickly— without sacrificing a comfortable lifestyle.

During his research he came across Nathan who had the same lofty ambitions and fire for success as he did.

Nathan helped Daniel fine tune his property criteria; but it was Daniel’s bold strategies that helped both him and Nathan grow their portfolios so rapidly.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Daniel had been filming and uploading videos to YouTube that were getting a lot of attention — as well as a lot of questions from people who needed help.

They started Binvested together to inspire and share their experiences so others could achieve their own success in property.

Some interesting facts about Daniel

• Best known for his strategic approach to laying the foundations of a successful property portfolio and passion for teaching others what he’s learned.
• As of January 2019 Daniel has stepped down as CEO of Binvested and its group of companies, handing the reigns to Nathan. He is now Living Life On His Terms travelling the world and being ‘Adventure Dan’!

Nathan and Daniel are our founders, but they don’t run Binvested alone…

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