Our Team

Who are we?

We are not your average real estate company (in case you haven’t noticed).

Here’s what makes us different:

We don’t sell or buy any properties.
We locate all kinds of properties and help you negotiate them. We don’t sell our own stock.

We don’t get commissions or kickbacks.
Transparency and honesty is important to us. We work for the buyer, not the seller. That’s why we don’t get any kickbacks from sellers or developers.

We practice what we preach.
Our owners and staff purchase in the same areas as our clients. If it’s not good enough for us, then we won’t recommend it to a client.

Holistic and strategic approach.
We believe there is more to property ownership, than the properties themselves. We focus on getting the right financial, structural and strategic foundations in place first – so you get the most for your time and money.

Our Founders

Binvested was founded by two young property investors who became renowned for sharing their property buying stories and strategies on YouTube.

The online investor community reached out for their help and soon they started Binvested.com.au – Australia’s most successful community of property investors.

10 years on Nathan Birch and Daniel Young are still actively investing and enjoying an early ‘retirement’.

Our Founders

About Nathan Birch

Inappropriate and a little bit bogan? Maybe, but always straightforward, honest and incredibly successful.

Nathan’s passion for property started in his teenage years and developed into a full blown obsession. Ultimately his ability to spot a great deal led him to retiring at just 24 and living life on his terms.

Today Nathan owns over 200 properties, with a portfolio net worth of over $30 million.

He’s known as one of Australia’s leading investors and a popular real estate opinion leader.

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About Daniel Young

Focused, driven and an expert property strategist. Daniel’s known as a straight shooter and doesn’t mince his words.

While Daniel’s not often in the media, there is nothing shy about his expertise in property.

A connoisseur of good investments, Daniel is always looking for the best strategies and tactics for today’s markets.

Applying his skills and knowledge, Daniel built a portfolio of 70 + properties within just 5 years.

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