Why Investing In Property?


When Nathan started out as an investor, he had all sorts of misguided beliefs about investing in property and about the property market.


He thought that units didn’t go up in value. He thought that cheap properties didn’t have much potential for growth. And, he stayed away from interstate properties for the very same reason.


However, over the years, Nathan realised that these things were simply not true.


Opportunity cost was his biggest teacher.

But all was not lost. He learned from his mistakes and this enabled him to develop the right strategy that would help him get to where he wanted to be.


After all, property is like a vehicle – it can take you from A to B. Each mistake or success is a part of the journey.


Investing in property is like a business.

Just like running a business, successfully investing in property is all about strategy and having the right business model at its core.


Nathan likes the more affordable segment of the market as there is always demand for cheaper properties. When you think about it, there are way more people out there who can afford to service a $400,000 property instead of a $1 million one.


Recent stats show consistent demand.

A recent report by CoreLogic shows that despite property prices dropping across different markets in Australia, there hasn’t been an increase in properties under $400,000.


This goes to show that there is enough demand from buyers in this market to ensure properties get snapped up without too much trouble.


Are you prepared for the GFD?

There has been some volatility in the higher end of the market recently – which is why Nathan has a simple strategy based on the fundamentals.


It’s not sexy, it’s nothing flash, just a good old fashioned reliance on whether the numbers stack up. 


Remember – numbers don’t lie.


Nathan retired from the workforce during the GFC. We are now entering into a global financial depression that will hit the economy even harder that the GFC did.


He is prepared for this next phase – are you?


Do you have the right strategy in place that can help you achieve your financial goals?


If not, Nathan and the team are ready can review your position and set you on track.


Have you learned some important lessons when investing in property? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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