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Have you started Christmas shopping yet? We’re not talking presents – we’re talking properties. Not everyone takes it easy over the holiday season. When the majority of people are going to Christmas parties and preparing for the festive season, there are a few little elves who pounce in to snap up the bargains.


Christmas is the best time to buy property. You may think the property market shuts down like everything else at this time of year, but – it doesn’t. Real estate agents are working extra hard, trying to earn commissions to pay for their Christmas celebrations. Sellers are desperate to sell before the start of the new year. Buyers are out buying Christmas presents, travelling to visit relatives and getting into the spirit of party season.


What does this mean for property investors? The chance to buy for a whole lot less.



Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas again. Time to start that mad dash towards the 25th of December.


Across the nation, stressed out shoppers sprint through Westfields like ants before a summer rain.


Relatives reluctantly plan out Christmas lunch and dinner at each other’s houses, worried they will offend their mother in law by choosing the other side of the family.


Children count down the days, growing more excited with each opening of the advent calendar as their parents grow more and more weary.


Until Christmas day arrives, and then … it’s over again. A collective sigh of relief fills the air as we all relax and enjoy the stillness.




There are a few savvy investors who have finished Christmas preparations ahead of time in order to focus on properties while everyone else is caught up in the festive season.


There are a whole heap of sellers out there, tapping their fingers in anticipation as their home sits on the market virtually unnoticed. They need to sell now – before the start of school next year, before they move to a new area and before they start their new job.


Then, there are the real estate agents. They would really like to make some sales so they can afford to have a nice Christmas with their family. The problem is, so many people are caught up with Christmas, they don’t have enough buyers at their fingertips in order to get a good price.


If they don’t get any more takers soon, they may have to unload some properties on those savvy investors for much lower price than anticipated…



Well, obviously he is on the lookout for bargains.


“I remember, last year, I was talking to people on Christmas day about property,” he says.


And for good reason, too. Last Christmas, he managed to pick up a two-bedroom unit in Mount Druitt, in Sydney’s west, for just $270,000, which was around $40,000 less than what he would normally pay for this type of property.


Market value at the time was around $340,000 to $350,000, meaning Nathan was able to buy the property for $80,000 less than what it was worth!


He also recalls some three bedroom townhouses he purchased on Queensland’s Gold Coast for $230,000 to $240,000 during the Christmas season.


“I was getting probably an extra $20,000 to $30,000 off just by buying through this period,” he says.




“This is the time you need to line yourself up,” says Nathan. “Make sure that you’ve got everything in order to take action.”


What is the best way to get organised? That’s right, it’s time to make yet another Christmas list – this time, for your property investing.




1. Understand your strategy – we say it time and time again, but it really is important at every step of the way to know your strategy. Without knowing your strategy, how would you know what step to take next?
2. Know the type of property you are looking for – it’s not enough to just buy something cheap. There are bargains out there, but they may not be right for you. Don’t just buy anything that seems to be a good deal.  Stay focused on buying the right properties for the next step in your strategy.
3. Know the structure you will buy it under – prepare to move quick when buying over Christmas. Sorting out every detail will help you take decisive action.
4. Have your deposit ready and have finance lined up – arrange everything now, before the banks shut down or you overspend on festivities.
5. Have your lawyer on standby – it is likely your lawyer will take time off over Christmas. They may even be overseas. Check with them now before it is too late.
6. Check in with your team of professionals – in fact, your lawyer is not the only one who may be away over Christmas. Your mortgage broker and bank staff may also take a well-deserved break. Find out now and arrange who will be able to help if you make a purchase during this time.
From all of us at the Binvested Group of companies – Merry Christmas. We hope you spend this festive season those you love.


(And remember to spare a thought for those starving real estate agents out there. Help to make their Christmas a time of plenty.


Get in touch with us today if you would like us to help you find some bargains this Christmas.