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Why you should consider a property mentor


15 years. That’s how long it has taken Nathan Birch to get where he is today.


There was no magic pill. No secret trick. No get rich quick scheme.


Just education, hard work and the accumulation of a whole lot of experience. And the experiences he went through weren’t all that great. He had a lot of victories, but made mistakes along the way.


There were injuries too, but that’s another story.


Nathan gets approached by a lot of people who want to do what he did, but they don’t know where to begin.


Enter the property mentor.

Having a mentor can help you on the right path when it comes to property investing.


It’s like anything really – why waste years of your life making costly mistakes when you can learn from those who have achieved what you would like to?


Benefits of having a property mentor.

Just as any successful author will have their work looked over by an editor, so too can an investor benefit from having a mentor.


Someone with more experience can examine your investing strategy and the types of properties you buy. They can use their know-how to see whether you are taking the best path towards achieving your goals – or whether your strategy is actually holding you back.


Best of all though, a mentor can share all of the things they have learned throughout their own investing journey.


A good mentor can share strategies that are tried and true. They can apply their long-term knowledge of the market to identify good growth areas and solid cashflow opportunities – and, they can help you learn these skills as well.


They can help you identify what makes a good investment, help you structure your portfolio and help you navigate the world of lending. A good property mentor can also help you buy the best properties for your portfolio – in the best order. They can help accelerate the accumulation phase of your investing.


And once you have bought the required number of properties for your portfolio, they can guide you with strategies on how to pay down debt and live off your passive income.


A Binvested mentorship.

Nathan has been sharing his experiences on Youtube and the Binvested blog for many years now.


He’s helped countless Australians better their financial future by educating them on all things property investing. He’s also helped find properties below market value for scores of clients and increased the number of Australian investors with more than six properties in their portfolios.


Now, he’s ramping things up a notch.


Nathan is offering a 12-month mentorship.

At less than $90* a week for early-birds, the program is less than the cost of a personal trainer and will be delivered in the form of fortnightly webinars and three 2-day long live events.


These will cover everything Nathan has learned over the course of his 15 years as a property investor, such as finance, renovating, building equity, mindset, structuring, analysing markets and negotiating a good deal – just to name a few!


He also intends to break down every part of buying a property and how different types of properties can benefit your portfolio.


“It’s basically everything you need to know about property investing,” says Nathan.


“The painful times, the exciting times, the times that have been boring but that you have to take.”


“For $4,500 I’m arming them with all of the knowledge that I’ve got for the last 15 years for them to be able to act in a real world scenario – and potentially make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars with.”


Your chance to pick Nathan’s brain.

Yes, we have all wanted to pick Nathan’s brain for some time now – and now we can.


It’s kind of like attending the University of Nathan – for a much cheaper amount than the average HECs debt.


And Nathan isn’t like all those salespeople who make it big after one property cycle then charge $10,000 – $20,000 for a course.


He doesn’t dress it up with glossy brochures and photoshopped images.


He simply says it as it is.


And when it comes to property and the economy at large, he’s actually a bit of a nerd.


“I still stay awake 20 hour days educating myself, navigating through markets and pushing myself to new levels,” he says.


So, if you’re not willing to spend 15 years of your time doing what Nathan has done to gain his knowledge, having him as a property mentor is the next best thing.


And he’s not planning on doing this again, so get in while you can and make the most of the early bird special – the price has already gone up once, and it will go up again! 


Get The Early Bird Special


* Price correct at the time of publication.