This form is to inform you and to obtain your consent for Pty Ltd (b Invested) which company comprises of related entities including:

i. Blink Property Pty Ltd;
ii. Blink Property Queensland Pty Ltd;
iii. Property Investment Agents Pty Ltd;
iv. Zinger Finance Pty Ltd;
v. Dynasty Private Wealth Pty Ltd,

to record, video, photograph, film you either for scripted or non-scripted digital recordings from a digital device belonging to b Invested including future advertising, commercial and promotional purposes for its Material.
Material includes the web site, social media, future events, testimonials, seminars, printed brochures, advertisement, or in- store promotional material or in newspapers, TV, magazines, podcast and radio developed by b Invested.
On signing this release form, you acknowledge that b Invested can publish the Material for all marketing, advertising, and commercial purposes.

b Invested ensures that publication of the Material is legal and further ensures that the Material:

i. is not defamatory;
ii. is not indecent, offensive or otherwise demean the people in them;
iii. is not misleading or deceptive conduct1.

You acknowledge that the use of that Material will only be subject to the decision of b Invested in its absolute discretion acknowledging the laws in both state and federal jurisdictions.
You give b Invested unconditional title, rights and interest in the Material free of charge or if we are unable to get title rights and interest in the Material, you give an unconditional and irrevocable, free of charge, license to use the Material for advertising, promotional and or commercial purposes2.

The Material belongs to and is the intellectual property of b Invested.

The Material, as given by you, is correct and is to the best of your knowledge.

To indicate your consent to b Invested using the Material in the manner described, without the need for further consent and without payment for the use of the Material, please sign and return this form, which you acknowledge is legally binding3.

b Invested Team.

I acknowledge that:
1. I have received and read this Consent and Release Form.
2. I understand my obligations, rights and responsibilities and permit b Invested to use the Material.

1 The Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
2 Federal Trade Practices Act 1974.
3 Workplace Surveillance Act 2005.