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Getting into the market

Everyone knows that buying into the property market can be—and usually is—expensive!

But we know where the below market opportunities are, and our business is based on helping you to access them.

We not only have extensive knowledge of the property system, but also have a vast network of professionals who do all the groundwork, research, and  communication necessary to identify affordable properties that offer you the greatest potential for return.

How it works

First contact

We want to take the time to get to know you and understand your financial situation and goals. Then we can come up with a comprehensive and individualised strategy to help you realise your vision.

Strategic property selection

Once we build you a road map that you’re comfortable with, we will search the property market to find the right property that will be the perfect fit for your investment portfolio.

Support along the way

When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll support you every step of the way towards settlement. We are always here to help you with any issues and talk through next steps.

  • Success Stories

    “At B.Invested they’re always three steps ahead of the game and they just knew what I had to do from the beginning to get the second and the third and the fourth property.”

    Melissa, Radiographer in a public hospital

  • Success Stories

    “We knew Nathan knew how to help people who were on low incomes to get started with building a property portfolio.”

    Timothy and Georgie, Federal Law Enforcement and Teacher

  • Success Stories

    “B.Invested has been incredible in helping us go from zero to six properties and has given us the confidence to keep on buying more.”

    Josh and Kelleigh, Coal Miner and self-employed Hairdresser

  • Success Stories

    “I’ve learnt that if I wait too long, the deals that are presented to me will go pretty quick and those opportunities don’t always come around.”

    Shane, Fuel tanker driver

  • Success Stories

    “I was stuck in the rat race doing the same thing day in and day out. l wanted to change that and reached out to B.Invested.”

    David, Licensed Builder

  • Success Stories

    “The B.Invested team has been with me every step of the way regarding the buying process, so it makes settlement a breeze”

    Dylan, Construction line marker

Services we offer

With a huge network across Australia, we’re able to source a vast range of below-market-value properties that yield high returns and have a good upside for growth, to help you fast-track your way to financial freedom.

With an impressive track record and a sharp eye for the fine print, our Mortgage Strategists will take into consideration your financial situation, long-term financial goals and property strategy to recommend the most suitable finance structure for you.

With offices across the country, our property management team will run your investment like a business, ensuring that it performs at its peak—from tenant selection through to helping you maximise your rental return.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But our accountants do. They’ll help you with every financial decision you make, with advice ranging from potential tax and cash-flow implications and ensure your strategy aligns with building your portfolio.

Hot Properties

QLD Unit

  • $195k purchase price
  • $250k property value
  • $255 rent per week
  • 6.8% rental yield

Take the first step to financial freedom and contact us today

Our team is ready to take you through every step of a successful property investment journey.