Does your Buyer’s Agent Know This?

Some people are reluctant to employ a buyer’s agent to help them purchase an investment property.

They might ask themselves “What is the value of a buyer’s agent? If someone is charging me $10,000 or $20,000, what is the value to me?”

A lot of buyer’s agents out there may not own properties of their own. They might be doing it as a side hustle after studying an internet course for six months. They might have scripts for how to have phone conversations. Why would you put the future of your investment portfolio in their hands?

Then again, what if they are the world’s best buyer’s agent, with the knowledge to help you achieve all your goals?

Weed them out

It’s important to do your due diligence. The first thing you need to do is figure out if they’re the real deal. Start asking them questions. How long have you been doing it for? How many clients have you helped out? How many properties have you purchased? How many agents do you have on your network? For example, b Invested founder Nathan Birch has 27,000 active agents in his database after two decades of investing.

Ask them how many properties they get off market. How many they get for below market value. What’s their largest investor’s portfolio? How many of their clients have got more than five properties?

Tell them about your position and ask them what they suggest you should do. If they come up with an idea, ask them to show you how that will look in five years and beyond.

Buyer’s agencies are new

Nathan was likely the first buyer’s agent in Australia. He has paved the way and now they are popping up everywhere. However, none of the new ones have been around more than a few years. They don’t know what a downturn or a recession looks like. They might be able to tell you there’s upside for growth or potential to subdivide down the track, but there’s no real world experience.

The b Invested difference is that Nathan has been doing this for decades. And now, with all his group of companies, they are still built around his buyer’s agency.

If you go into b Invested, he will hear your goals and figure out a strategy to help you reach them and help you find the right assets. He can show you properties for below market values, the ones that you can get cheaper than what they sold for years ago and so on. He can show you strategies that have helped his clients and he can show you the proof.

The point being

You want to know who you’re hopping into bed with. You want to know that paying your fees will get you value and potential and that you’re not just paying someone who has done a course.

Nathan built his own portfolio from the ground up so that he could retire at age 24. And since then, he has done so much more investing and helped so many more clients that he has built up an encyclopaedia of investment knowledge, all of which he can share with you for a reasonable fee.

You get access to his hard work, his experiences, his lessons learned and everything in between.

So do your due diligence and then make up your own mind. Who do you want looking after your future?



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