How a Property Investor got to 18 properties

  • How a Property Investor got to 18 properties

One of B.Invested’s key points of difference is that we’re able to help real people reach their goals and live life on their own terms.

Plenty of spruikers have ‘testimonials’ from ‘clients’ on their websites. These clients usually come with first names only and maybe a last name initial, but no pictures or any other proof that they even exist.

We believe it’s important that buyer’s agents are able to show a track history of real success with real people, which is why we just love it when one of our investors tells their story.

A ‘regular guy’…with 18 properties

Meet Stephen McCormack. He is an IT professional who describes himself as a regular guy, with a fiancée and two daughters. Like any family man, he would love to retire early and spend more time with his loved ones.

He has only ever had two goals. First, to own his own house. And number two, to not need to work anymore.

Even though he loves computers and mathematics and enjoys working with them, he’d rather only do it because he wanted to, not because he has to.

Everything he does is to push himself closer to those two goals, but if he had to choose one or the other to prioritise, it would be retirement. So if he needs to make a sacrifice he knows what to do and he knows how to keep heading in the direction that fits with his strategy.

How B.Invested supercharged his journey

Stephen has always been savvy, especially about the power of property investing for setting up a comfortable future.

He was raring to begin investing at a young age and purchased his first property at just 22.

In the following years he did a really good job, accumulating six properties independently to become one of Australia’s fabled 1 percenters (the 1% of people with 6 or more investment properties).

That sounds like a lot to most people, but of course, anyone who is familiar with the work of B.Invested founder Nathan Birch would know that a much larger portfolio is possible if done right.

Scaling the finance wall

Once Stephen had his six properties, he found that expanding further was difficult.

It’s an experience that is quite common in Australia, because banks are far more careful these days in how much they will lend and how much risk they will take on board. Likewise, most mortgage brokers are focussed on the single property transaction in front of them, rather than the long term goals of the borrower they are working with.

Stephen’s journey took a turn for the better six years ago when he came into contact with B.Invested. Together with his fiancée, Paola, he has since built his portfolio up to a staggering 18 properties, with no end in sight for future growth.

Begin the journey the right way

Many clients who come to B.Invested have the right motivation, but they can become stuck. Sometimes, they’ve been tied down by a couple of bad loan structures, or a minor mistake and can’t expand further.

B.Invested, along with the Zinger Finance, is set up to help property investors who go against the grain and set their goals on a high number of properties.

We access the best deals on properties, while Zinger can help investors set up a loan structure that keeps the next five or 10 purchases in mind, not just the next one.

Speak to our Investor Relations team if you want to find out how we can help you reach financial freedom faster.



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