How to Live a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

The B.Invested way has always been to help clients get to where they want to be with simple investing tactics.

Nowadays, with interest rates rising and more people struggling with the cost of living, people are evolving their plans for where they want to be.

There’s less focus on using the one income to pay off a heavy mortgage, as people realise it could all go pear shaped if they lost their job or if rates continued to rise.

Rate rise effects

Aussies had forgotten about higher interest rate environments because, until May 2022, rates had not increased for 12 years. Fast forward to now and borrowers have been brutalised by 11 RBA hikes.

Now, people can see thousands of extra dollars of their hard earned income disappearing into nothing but paying the bank more than they used to.

Economies, rates, property markets move in cycles and what goes up will eventually come down, but people have been shocked into the realisation that they can’t take environments like the last few years for granted. 

Opportunity knocks

The funny thing about an environment that has caused shock and fear in people is that it provides the opportunity for great deals to the people ready to invest in property.

Building a property portfolio isn’t an easy thing. You don’t sit back and watch the money roll in, you need to be proactive, take the plunge, make well informed, positive decisions.

Properties are assets that need looking after if you are to get the most out of them. 

Benefit of a good buyer’s agent

B Invested looks at thousands of properties for our clients. We do the heavy lifting and help you achieve your goals.

Of those thousands of properties, around 80% of them are being bought from people who are losing money on those individual assets.

It shows that not everyone makes money from property. One property won’t get you retired, which is why B.Invested clients regularly shoot for double digit property portfolios.

And they often start with not much cash and build their way up. Being self-sufficient is attainable for many more than people imagine.

They just need the right strategy, the right assets, the cashflow and the upside for growth into more equity.



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