How You can Achieve Your Property Goals

Book a 30 minute strategy call with Nathan Birch to map out your personalised property investment goal, a clear action plan and timeline and gain clarity on how many of our clients have built wealth through property and have 5, 10, 20+ properties in thier portfolios.

What is a MAP Session?

A MAP Session is a 30 minute phone call with Nathan Birch, Founder & CEO of B Invested Group.

Prior to this session you will complete a questionnaire which gives us information about your current position in the market and also your goals for property investing.

Nathan reviews your position prior to the phone call, and then will discuss your current position, what strategy could work for you, and the next steps to work towards in line with your goals.

You will walk away with more knowledge, understanding, and feeling comfortable with a clear action plan on how you can move forward.

How It Works

Book a Session

Use the form at the bottom of this page to pay for the MAP Session and book a convenient time for you.

Complete Questions

You will then receive a questionnaire via email which we ask you to complete and return to us.

Chat to Nathan

Nathan will call you directly from his mobile at your selected time and complete the MAP Session with you.

Receive Strategy

Nathan will provide you with various options as to your next steps and answer any questions you have.

Start Your Journey

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Why listen to Nathan Birch?

Nathan is a successful property entrepreneur, having successfully retired from the workforce at the age of 25 with 25 properties to his name.

Now, with a very healthy portfolio of over 220 properties, Nathan teaches the same strategies that he has used to help his clients achieve their property investment goals.

He does this by providing the right strategy, the right property, the right finance and the right structure to his clients.

Nathan has helped thousands of Australians become property Millionaires and is proud to say that out of the very small population of investors that have more than 6 properties, he has contributed in some way to their property journey.

“In today’s Economy, and with interest rates so low, everyone should be able to purchase multiple investment properties and accumulate wealth through property. You just need the right team and the right strategy and be disciplined and determined, and you will get there.”

Who is a MAP Session for?


First Time Investor

If you are a first time buyer / investor, then this is a great place for you to start. Nathan will give you a plan and get you started on the right foot.


Home Owners

If you currently own your home, even if you have a mortgage, we have plenty of property investment options to suit you.

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Experienced Investor

Even experienced investors who have 1-20 properties book in these calls all the time. There’s always something to learn.

What You'll Learn...



Understand how to decide how many properties you need, by when and for what lifestyle goal.



What to look for when financing so you don’t get stuck or put yourself in danger.




How to avoid getting caught in a structural straight jacket, while minimizing your costs and tax.



Find out what tactics actually make financial sense in a future proof portfolio that builds real wealth.



Which properties can catapult you towards explosive growth, now and into the future?

What Others Are Saying...

“I thought i knew everything about property. Boy was i surprised! It’s essential for ANY investor”

– Anthony Picard, Experienced Investor

“I was so confused, then suddenly everything became simple after the MAP Session”

-Anthea Plaatjies, First Time Investor

“My biggest regret is buying a property before doing a MAP Session. I Could have saved so much money!”

– Rowena Ebona, Investor

Book a Strategy Session

What You Get:

Why is it paid?

As you can imagine, Nathan’s time es extremely valuable. He’s happy to give up some of his time, but only for people who are serious about embarking on their property journey and are dedicated to achieving their goals.

And it’s not even about the money, you can have that as a credit towards your first property that you buy through us so it’s worth more than just a phone call.


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