How You Can Climb The Property Ladder

We are faced with a huge opportunity at the moment. Do you know how to make the most of it? If you know you need to do something but you aren’t quite sure what, or how to get started, you may benefit from our Property Investment Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Program With Nathan Birch

The property market is always filled with misinformation from people who have built themselves a property portfolio of 10 properties and therefore consider themselves to be an expert.

The truth is, the majority of these industry experts weren’t even in the industry when the GFC happened, so how can they expect to navigate themselves, let alone you, through what we’ve been calling the GFD?

What is the GFD?

Nathan Birch, Founder of the b Invested and its sister companies, one of Australia’s most successful property investors with over 220+ properties, has been talking about this since May 2018.

“No-one has seen this market before, I see it getting bad in the short term – but only for those who aren’t taking action now.

If you’re prepared to get off your arse and hustle, there are a lot of opportunities that are going to present themselves.

I never sell my time. But I want to help people survive, and thrive, during this time.

I’m going to give you everything. Just this once. You will never get this value anywhere else from someone who has so many runs on the board.”

– Nathan Birch

What You Will Learn


How to source the right properties at the right time.


How to negotiate your own prices.


What strategies you need to use when the GFD hits.


How to get maximum returns on your sale.


How to make the most money from your renovations.


How to use your equity to your advantage.

Feedback From Our Customers

Emily And Luke

“Our rental income is now higher than the income from our jobs, which is great.”

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Kerwin and Anthea Plaatjies

“The information I got from b Invested at the map session was too valuable. It just changed everything…We should have done this 10 years earlier."

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Karl and Romina

“There’s no way we would have gotten 7 properties and a block of land in a year, doing it ourselves. We realised with the deposit we had, we could get a lot more properties with b Invested, rather than going on our own.”

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“Today the entire property portfolio is sitting on around $2.5 million and the equity on that is worth around $700,000.”

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Melissa and Andrew

"b Invested has been instrumental in changing our mindset. We now look at investment and living in a whole different way."

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David Brae

“b Invested has allowed me to follow my passion and travel. In the last two years of 2016, the income has allowed me and my partner to travel to China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and weekends to Victoria and the Gold Coast. This otherwise would not have been possible.”

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Mitch Sanders

"These guys know what they are doing. At every step there’s someone to talk to and make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing."

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Roy and Rowena

“We wanted 6 properties in the first year, then 12 properties in the next 2 years and 20 properties in the next 5 years. So when we initially wrote that it seemed unbelievable and now it seems very ordinary and achievable.”

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