Challenges Birchy Faced

Nathan got asked recently what are some of the challenges he faced while building his portfolio and he wanted to share that answer with everyone! So listen in, as we end the year looking back on the struggles Nathan endured and how you can you can help yourself and avoid these pitfalls.

Show Notes
00:20 – Birchy says hello
01:25 – Someone asks a very important questions
03:00 – Income
05:50 – Knowledge
06:50 – Savings for a deposit
08:31 – Age
09:00 – Mindset
11:45 – Adversity
12:24 – The people around you
13:47 – Hurdles and emotions
15:57 – Peers and their advice
17:00 – Planning as early as you can and dealing with negativity
21:40 – Handling your resources and having the right team
24:30 – Your beliefs and goals
26:25 – It’s not all about timing, it’s about your plan

Just a reminder that Nathan and the team will be taking a break for the month of January and will be back with more episodes in February 2024!

Thank you so much for tuning in week after week, we wish you all the best during this holiday season and an amazing New Year!


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