Is Debt the Cause of the Ponzi Scheme? | No BS With Birchy | EP 148

On this episode of No BS with Birchy, join Nathan Birch as he dives deep into the concept of Ponzi schemes. Nathan explores their very origin, some of the most well-known Ponzi schemes in history and how they can be comparable to today’s currency systems. Has government debt essentially caused the Ponzi scheme of today?

Tune in as Nathan share’s detailed data extracts and realistic examples on our currency systems overtime and how it has evolved into the Ponzi scheme of the 21st century. 

Show Notes:

1:35 – The definition of a Ponzi scheme.
2:35 – How our currency system mimics a Ponzi scheme.
4:08 – Scenario breakdown with the first $100 ever created.
5:02 – The history & origin of the Ponzi scheme.
6:35 – Bernie Madoff – The biggest Ponzi scheme in history.
7:51 – The beginnings of our currency systems.
11:46 – The traditional red flags of a classic Ponzi scheme.
13:32 – Why does the government borrow money when it prints it?
16:01 – Example of a Ponzi scheme.
16:46 – The difference between a Ponzi v Pyramid scheme.
18:29 – Looking at the debt-based Fiat Ponzi scheme of today.
19:45 – Australia’s M1 Money Supply – chart breakdown
21:00 – Shifting of the family unit overtime and its role in today’s Ponzi scheme.
23:00 – Australia’s M3 Money Supply – chart breakdown.
23:55 – 10yr Australian Government Bond Yield – chart breakdown.
24:10 – Australian Cash Rate Target – chart breakdown
24:51 – FRED M1 – chart breakdown.
30:51 – Is our currency system really a Ponzi scheme?

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