The Riches Of The Kings & Queens

Does it still pay to stack precious metals? Should the world economy return to a gold standard system? A common question people ask, especially since we’re experiencing the first great depreciation of the dollar since 1971 – the end of the Bretton Wood System. Your host, Nathan Birch, and our special guest, Jacob Woollard, Owner of Bulk Bullion, details why you should consider investing in the currency used by the kings and queens.


Owner of Bulk Bullion, Jacob’s passion is to help people maintain and grow their wealth via investing in physical assets such as Gold and Silver in order to help them live life on their own terms. In the midst of going through the biggest transfer of wealth in our lifetime, Jacob will provide an insight into how Bulk Bullion can serve as a vehicle to help maintain, and even, grow your wealth in the inflationary decade ahead.


Episode Notes:
(2:45) Introduction to Jacob Woollard.

(4:40) How stacking real money can help you reach financial freedom.

(15:30) Do you invest into assets to trade or be a speculator?

(28:00) The greatest empire in history: The fall of Rome.

(36:00) Gold Vs Silver: What’s better?

(37:55) The future of commodity prices in the next decade.

(39:35) Ways to spot a fake vs real gold bar.

(42:00) How to store and protect your precious metals.

(44:15) Reasons to invest and hold precious metals.

(52:00) Explanation of paying a premium on gold and silver.

(53:15) The different types of precious metals you need to consider.

(58:17) Bulk Bullion: Your trusted investment grade gold, silver and platinum dealer.


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