The A-Z of Money For Your Tiny Entrepreneur

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Schools Don’t! – The A-Z of Money

How do we equip our kids with the knowledge of basic finances that they will apply throughout their life?

The first important lesson you can teach your kids is the common terms used around money management.

Despite this, most parents leave it up to schools to give their kids a sound financial education.

The authors, Hayley Brooks and Jeff Brooks, were inspired to design a book that is not only informative but one that captivates a child’s attention.

They both assessed how the rich communicate with their kids, using the correct terminology, at an early age to help them get ahead of the herd in their later years.

The A-Z of Money authored by Hayley Brooks and Jeff Brooks …

• Shows parents that the school system can’t be relied on to teach their kids about basic money management.
• Guides you to teach your kids about money, to make smarter financial decisions in their future.
• Challenges the belief that learning about money is uninspiring to the younger generation.
• Tires the myth that kids will automatically know these principles as they get older and gives them that educational steppingstone.


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