The Financial Matrix Explained

Aussies and indeed most of the world are currently dealing with soaring inflation. Central banks are trying to get it under control, but they’re not succeeding so far and don’t look like fixing things up any time soon.

Of course this was accelerated over the past couple of years with all the tens of trillions of dollars worth of money printed as part of stimulus during Covid.

But even before the pandemic, inflation was kicking off around the world.

Most people will listen to the news and do what they’re told. They will bunker down, accept their rising mortgage repayments and try to scrape by each week.

But why not take charge of your life and control of your situation and seize the opportunities that may come your way?

What can I do?

The first thing is to take stock of your position. Are you having success? If not, why not? Do you need to reassess your goals? Change your strategy?

To perform your best, it’s important to be the best version of yourself. You need a good state of mind, to be in good health and to keep challenging yourself to improve.

B.Invested founder Nathan Birch has found over the years that the best growth he has experienced has come from a place where he’s not happy with his current situation and has to figure out how to break through.

The next thing is to understand how the world works as best as you can. Politics, media, food, medical systems, or government, banking and the money system.

As Nathan says, the reality is that money is fake. It’s all made up. It doesn’t have any inherent value except for what governments tell you it is worth.

Once you remove money from the equation, you can ask yourself, ‘Well, what is real?’ And when you have some clarity you can take action.

You need a plan

Nathan says it’s very important to have a plan, have clarity around that plan and work out a strategy.

Work smarter, not harder. A lot of people sell their time for money each week, but Nathan believes it is much better to use your brain to purchase and accumulate assets.

With cash as cheap as it is now and inflation where it is, it’s a great time to be able to collect assets.

A lot of people out there are stuck in a mindset that they’ve been conditioned to fit into, where they sell their time and effort for a certain monetary value over a certain period each week.

But they could be doing something much better with their life. And you could too.



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