Why do people hate property investors so much?


Why do people hate property investors? Nathan believes there are a couple of factors at play.


People believe what they see in the media.

There are a lot of people out there who are struggling financially. Those who can’t get into the property market often look for someone to blame.


Secondly, there are a lot of people who believe everything they see in the media. They don’t read between the lines and look at the vested interest behind each news or current affairs story.


This has led many people to blame property investors for the recent property boom that has seen prices go up by 75% in some markets.


The real reason property goes up.

Here’s a story you never see reported on in the news. The liquidity crisis.


Nathan says the monetary system is to blame for rising and falling property prices. Monetary supply affects property prices in a surprisingly simple way.



When there is more money in the market due to lower interest rates and relaxed lending standards, more people buy property – which drives prices up. This is also known as inflation, and it doesn’t just affect property. When people can get credit easily, they can buy a range of different things.


Plus, the more money that is printed, the less valuable it becomes.



When there is less money in the market because borrowers can’t get loans very easily, there are less buyers and prices are able to fall back.


After the GFC, more and more money was printed, interest rates were cut and incentives to buy property were introduced to the public. This meant more buyers entered the market place which drove up prices.


Now, central banks around the world are winding down the supply of money which is leading to a deflationary stage in the economy.


If investors were to blame for rising property prices, says Nathan, how is the drying up of credit able to bring property prices backwards again?


Haters think Nathan is going down.

Nathan says he gets a lot of negative comments from haters who seem to wish bad things upon him. It is as if they think he is a bad person, who has come into the marketplace and overleveraged himself. They are waiting for his so called stack of cards to come tumbling down so they can say – “See, I told you it wasn’t possible.”


Nathan says he started investing when Western Sydney properties were as little as $130,000. He has paid these off now.


He only ever buys assets when he can afford to do so – and he always makes sure the rent covers the property’s expenses.


There are people out there who speculate on property without having a strategy. Nathan isn’t one of them. He has built his net worth position by carefully planning, researching and executing a well-thought out strategy with plenty of contingencies in place.


Nathan invites all haters to keep writing comments on his YouTube videos. They actually help to promote his videos, ensuring more people see them.

Take care of your own life.

Instead of believing everything that is said in the media, it would be better if everyone became better informed. The media only reports on the newsworthy stories of the moment – it doesn’t explain the history behind things. It doesn’t tell us how our fiat currency is doomed to die thanks to inflation. It doesn’t explain why property prices rise and then fall. The media just looks for current people and factors to blame.


By blaming and hating others for the problems in our world we can’t make change. By informing ourselves we can. And, we can build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our families within the structure of this system that we are forced to live in.

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